Maxson Collective Terms & Conditions

1) Marketing Rights: Maxson Collective reserves the right to use any media produced for marketing purposes.

2) Service Area and Additional Fees: If the subject of work is located outside of Maxson Collective’s standard service area, Maxson Collective reserves the right to add a reasonable transportation fee.

3) Quality Guarantee and Resolution: Maxson Collective guarantees the client a professionally produced product. If the product is not acceptable based on reasonable standards determined by Maxson Collective, we will work with the client to find a reasonable resolution. If fees are refunded, all usage rights are immediately revoked, and the client must cease use of the media.

4) Editing and Revisions: If the product is unacceptable to the customer from an editing standpoint, Maxson Collective will re-edit the footage based on written notes provided by the client. If the second edit is still unacceptable, a set fee will be charged for further refinement.

5) Dispute Resolution: In case of a legal dispute regarding business conduct or representative’s actions while contracted by Maxson Collective, the client agrees to a privately mediated settlement.

6) Payment Policy: All clients must submit payment upfront or at delivery before any shoot is fulfilled.

7) Property Preparation: The customer must provide a “show ready” property at the time arranged for recording. Maxson Collective is not responsible for preparing the property. If the recording is unacceptable due to the property's condition, a fee will be charged for re-recording, including travel expenses. Fees for post-production item removal will be assessed based on the nature and removal difficulty.

8) Booking and Confirmation: The date selected at booking is a request and is not confirmed until Maxson Collective sends an email confirmation to the client.

9) Cancellation and Rescheduling Fees: Cancellation or rescheduling on the day of the shoot will incur a fee. This applies if the photographer cannot access the property due to reasons such as the client's absence, incorrect access code, or other accessibility issues.

10) Weather Policy: Maxson Collective is not responsible for weather-related effects on media. No fee for weather cancellation, but grey skies can be changed to clear skies for a fee.

11) Website and Hosting: Maxson Collective will maintain a clean and functioning website for hosting client videos, not liable for losses due to malfunctioning web technologies. Initial payment includes hosting and storage for 6 months, extendable for a fee.

12) Hyperlink Rights: Clients have a limited, non-exclusive right to hyperlink to Maxson Collective’s website, provided there are no derogatory or defamatory insinuations.Force Majeure: Maxson Collective and its contractors are not responsible for damages or delays due to uncontrollable events (e.g., natural disasters, acts of terrorism).

13) Usage Compliance: Clients agree to use Maxson Collective’s website services in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations.

14) Account Termination: Maxson Collective may terminate any account at its sole discretion.

15) Media Accuracy: Clients are responsible for ensuring media accurately portrays each property and for any necessary changes for compliance with local MLS or other governing bodies.

16) Third-Party Compliance: Clients are responsible for adhering to all third-party rules and regulations, including MLS.Floor Plans: Floor plans are for illustrative purposes only, and Maxson Collective is not liable for inaccuracies.

17) Access and Liability: The payor is responsible for ensuring Maxson Collective’s access to photograph the property. Any issues will be the payor's responsibility.

18) Usage Rights of Media: The client is granted permanent, non-transferable usage rights. Media cannot be shared or given to third parties without purchasing rights.

20) Customer Responsibility for Website Content: Customers are responsible for all data displayed on the property website. Maxson Collective holds no responsibility for this content.

21) Terms and Conditions Amendments: These terms and conditions are subject to change and should be reviewed prior to each booking.